Belize real estate at Emerald Futures Online

14.286 Acres situated on the Belize River in Scotland Half Moon Village, Community Baboon Sanctuary.
"Surinam Cherry bush"
"Squash plant"
"Tambran Tree"
"Tambran with Guanacaste & house in background"
"View looking west from second floor"
"View of fruit trees from second floor"
"Young Plantain"
"Plantain fields."
"Plantain fields."
"Plantain trees"
"Local Bull in Scotland Half Moon Village on Belize River, Belize District"
"Lichee bush"
" Lemon grass with papaya by caretakers house"
" Caretakers dining-living area"
"Hogplum tree"
" Plantains on the tree"
" Plantain trees by caretakers residence"


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